Prince of Persia: Shadow and the Flame Android-Power Nap

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Prince of Persia: Shadow and the Flame Android-Power Nap

Messagepar Zapages » 15 août 2013, 21:13

I wrote this guide up for the new folks.

This is achievement is the hardest achievement to unlock in the game.

Some helpful hints:

1)The unlocking of this achievement felt most like doing a speed run my old Prince of Persia: Shadow and the Flame.

2) I prefer using joystick controls over gesture controls as it gives you more control of the Prince. This is required to accomplish this, but I guess some fans will be able to use the gesture controls to do this as well.

3)Use the your jump button a lot to cut down the number of seconds.

As the levels starts (you have to be really quick): As soon as levels loads (after the load screen)
1) Start running right. Jump once. Then climb up.
2) Don't climb up to next ledge. Instead, run and jump to the ledges to the right.
3) Climb up and then run and then jump to the next set of ledges (will be a bit below).
4) Then Jump before you hit the wall so that you can then quickly climb up. Then run and climb up again. Then climb up onto the right side. Don't climb to left side. As every second counts.
5) You will see the blue flame on your left side. Now do a running jump to There won't be a platform, but it will fly in. Climb yourself up.
6) Then do a running jump so that you can quickly press up to climb up a ledge. (you will be facing the right side)
7) press up again to climb up ledge. (You will face left side)
8) Do a running jump from a single ledge towards your left
9) The running jump will allow you to climb up onto the ledge on top that will fly in.
10) Then do a back flip jump to the ledge on the right side.
11) Run a bit to quickly then climb up up a ledge that will fly in
12) Then two ledges will fly in. Jump up and climb it.
13)Do a back flip jump to the ledges on the right.
14) This last part is tricky so jumping at the critical stage will shim off 2 seconds to achieve it in 38 seconds.
15) Do a running jump to the next set of ledges on your left.
16) Then do a quick jump so that you land perfectly next to edge to end of the ledges.
17) Quickly pull yourself down and swing yourself towards right and press the crouch button to hit the flame.

If you do it correctly then you will have unlocked Power Nap Achievement in 38 seconds. I was using my Galaxy S2 (AT&T) which is the closest to the international model of Galaxy S2 to do this. The screen shots are from my cell phone. :)



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Re: Prince of Persia: Shadow and the Flame Android-Power Nap

Messagepar Le Sablier » 16 août 2013, 19:05

I think this will be useful to players. ;)

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